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Mental health problems are very common among people of all age groups. As per WHO, one out of four people suffer from mental health problems. Despite this, people do not seek treatment because of lack of the Awareness of the problems or the fear of stigma associated with them. This eventually results in personal, social, and work life imbalances- thus resulting in poor quality of life. In extreme cases- unfortunately more common than other more common than our expectations, it also leads in deaths by suicide.

We at HopeLight are dedicated and determine to address and solve these issues.

Affected Countries
Confirmed Cases
Recovered Cases
Worldwide Deaths

Initiative & Intervention

Mental health is a global issue because it affects everyone in some way or another. This includes people who are experiencing mental health conditions and those who care about them. 


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Counselling & Psychotherapy Session
Personal Empowerment
Behaviour Modification
Remedial classes
Attention and Concentration Building Therapy
Mindful Teen Club (Teenagers)
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Online Counselling session

(zoom & Google meet)

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Psychological Testing Across All Age Groups:-

• Intelligence Test (IQ)
• Learning Disability (LD)
• Others


Psychotherapy is a form of psychiatric treatment that involves therapeutic conversations and interactions between a therapist and a child or family.


Adolescence refers to the ages between 13 and 24 years including the teenage period and young adulthood. These life stages are unique in terms of the challenges faced and the amount of change taking place.

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