HopeLight : Initiative and Intervention

  • School Mental Health Programme :-
    We have been conducting school mental health programs to spread awareness about mental health, substance use disorder, and suicide prevention. We also administer intelligence test(IQ),  Learning disability test etc and screen students for mental health issues and provide consultation if they are found to have.
  •  Internship program :-
    We at the HopeLight believe in cultivating and nurturing the youth especially the students for creating a society where no one fears talking about mental health and related issues, where no one feel stigma or ashamed of having mental illness, where people come forward and acknowledge the need of the treatment and acceptance of person with the mental illness in the society.

    With the mission and vision of the HopeLight, we welcome all those who want to associate with us as an intern.

  • HopeLight Marathon –  Run for Mental Health:-
    There are many ways to raise awareness about mental health, and we would love you to get involved in the HopeLight Campaign. With your help, we can create millions of conversation to change how we talk about mental health and end stigma for all.
  • Join us to improve the well-being of Indians:-
    With your support, more Indians will enjoy good mental health and well-being. By supporting us, you can be part of creating an atmosphere where people talk freely about mental health without any fear of stigma and where everyone is supported through tough times with the kindness they deserve.

©1 out of 4 is suffering from mental health issues 

©50% of mental health problems start before age 14.

©Our country is known as the  “Suicide Capital of Asia”

  • Other Awareness Activities:-
    We have been conducting awareness activities at school, colleges, other Institute and public places.

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